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Call Log

Frustrated keeping up with lesson planning, remote teaching, technology troubles, teacher workdays, and tracking critical conversations with students and parents?

Subscribe to our Call and Meeting tracker and never worry about conversation tracking again. you get peace of mind and a convenient log of your discussions with students and parents. Keep track of time, date, notes, and issues quickly and easily.

Students at Risk

Do you need a better way to keep detailed records for your students who need extra services and help to achieve their highest academic potential?

The Students at Risk feature makes it easy for you to track student behaviors, resources, action plans, and results. You'll always have records at hand for those critical situations.

Student Engagement

Develop reading assignments and worksheets for students and give them easy access to them directly from the Lesson Plan itself. See when students open and edit their worksheets so you'll know when they're ready for you to grade. Powered by Microsoft Office365.

Full Year Copy/Archive

Save yourself hours of time next school year. Rather than copying each lesson one at a time to the new year, instead copy your OnlineLessonPlanner from the previous school year to the new one in a single operation. You'll archive the prior year's planner, and create a new one for the new year with your lesson plans already in place.

This feature will save you hours of time setting up the new school year.

IEP/Special Needs You can record individual IEP/504 modification / accomodation / intervention requirements, assign classified students to respective teachers and track the application of each to every lesson.
Full package all benefits per subscriber $89 per Academic School year 2022-2023
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